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SL Branch Lecturer in-charge
1 Pre-Service Teacher Edn (PSTSE) Smt N.Ch.Sangma (English), Smt E.Suchiang (Chemistry)
2 Work Experience (WE) Smt S.N. Sangma (SUPW), Smt R,Kharbamon (Physics)
3 District Resource Unit (DRU) Smt R.D.Shira (Pol.SC), Shri R.D.Shira (Garo)
4 In-Service Programme Field Interaction and Innovation Coordinator (IFIC) Shri M.B.Marak (Education), Smt H.Nonghuloo (Zoology)
5 Curriculum, Material Dev. And Evaluation (CMDE) Smt E.D Sangma (Geography)
6 Educational Technology Shri A.B.Marak (Economics), Shri R.D.Shira (Pol. Sc)
7 Planning & Management Shri A.B.Marak (Economics), Smt E.D.Sangma (Geography)